Usage Policy

All of the original work I produce is (and will always be) available for free—shared under a Creative Commons or equivalent licence. You’re also free (and encouraged to) to share, remix, and build upon it as you wish, as long as you follow some simple rules.

  • You can’t sell my work as-is. If the only thing you’re doing is taking some image I posted and putting it for sale elsewhere, please don’t. Scamming innocent people is never good. Commercial usage of derivative/transformative works is fair, though. Just put in some work and make cool things.

  • Attribution is appreciated. Especially if you’re sharing my work directly, it’s a nice gesture. You don’t have to give me credits if you’re doing transformative works, but that’d still be appreciated.

  • Don’t suggest I endorse your work. You’re free to build upon my work, but your derivative work is your own. Unless I’ve given my explicit support for it, it’s misleading to suggest that it’s officially related to my work or that I endorse the things your work communicates.

  • Don’t make things to hurt people. Do not use my work to promote racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any other thing that is intended to hurt people (or groups of people). Also, if you’re making things featuring sex, please do not use my work for things with dubious consent. I do have a code of conduct, so refer to that for details.

Note that this only applies to my own original work. Fanart, illustrations involving real people, and other people’s work that I’ve used in my games do not enjoy this same policy, as the rights are not mine to give in the first place. Please respect other people’s image and works.