Hi, I’m Q.

A witch and a floating cat-shaped bag. The witch has white skin, pink hair (gathered on the left side by an eye-shaped hair elastic), and green eyes. The witch wears a knee-length green dress (with leaves and flower patterns) under a white winter coat and a green cape. Warm purple-brown tights and winter boots complete the look. There's a wooden talisman attached to a necklace hanging from the witch's neck. The cat-shaped bag is beige, with pink scrapes sewn in a few places.

4th May ● ↑25 years
Ace & Agender Witch

Height: 153cm
Weight: 49kg

Likes: Rhythm games, collecting plushies, sweets, cats, and nature.

Dislikes: Meat, and noisy or crowded places.

Talents: Magic, visual storytelling, and getting lost.

Q. speaks Vylänt (the West dialect is Q.’s mother tongue), Portuguese, and English. Q. is currently learning Swedish and Japanese.

Q.’s Origin

Q. is a witch from an ancient lineage, the Zelhä, from the reign of Ewyg.

From a young age Q. had always loved to experiment with new magic. Living in an isolated house in the middle of the forest with Ewa, the guardian, there wasn’t much Q. could do in any case. And experimenting with magic was fun. From concocting potions that could change the colour of a Foxcat’s fur, to spoken word performances that could send rocks flying into the sky—Q. had done it all.

One day, Q. was experimenting with a ritual for travelling faster through the forest. Collecting the materials for these spells was a lot of work, after all. But, see, if only Q. didn’t have to walk from place to place to collect mushrooms—and them bring all of those back—then maybe things would be a bit easier. “I want to just think of a place and then be there, someone must have tried this before!” And once Q. found a mention of “fast travelling” in Ewa’s books there was only one thing to do: try it.

Alas! Q. made a mistake with the proportions. But it was only when the ground around the ritual place started shaking that Q. noticed something was amiss. As the lights from the site shone brighter, Q. started losing consciousness.

And then, everything went black.

Upon waking up, the forest had changed completely. The trees, the animals, even the air. There was no mistaking that place for Ewyg anymore—Q. had never seen all of it, but certainly had read about all of it.

“I guess first I need to figure out where I am. Then I can, perhaps, figure out how to go back home.” With these thoughts, Q. set up on a journey through the forest, in the hopes of finding other people to talk to. In the process, Q. had to adapt to surviving a new kind of wilderness—there were no familiar plants to eat or make medicine out of. And no familiar animals to observe. And no familiar places to feel safe.

Later Q. would learn that this place was called Sweden. That the reign of Ewyg did not exist in this world. And that, somehow, Q. had ended up in a intermediate dimension between Ewyg and Earth, where Q. could not really interact directly with any living beings. Fortunately, upon learning about the sources of magic in Earth—in general quite distinct from the ones in Ewyg—Q. discovered that the magical dimension known as The Internet could be used as a gateway for interacting with others.

And thus began Q.’s foray in this new dimension. The goal? To help people of Earth enjoy all sorts of magic, and simply have fun together.